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The FAQ's of Yamuna® Body Rolling?

What is Yamuna® Body Rolling?

Yamuna® Body Rolling is a form of self massage and self-conditioning technique that uses specialized therapy balls to treat specific body parts. The various sizes and densities of the Yamuna® balls provide the ability to target multiple layers of tissue, including skin, fascia, muscle, and bone, as well as the internal organs, and the nervous system.

Yamuna® body rolling therapy stimulates the bones keeping them healthy while elongating the muscles, tendons and ligaments to free space in the joint. Your body will provide feedback immediately indicating where you hold tension, where there is tightness in certain areas and where there may be restricted movement. Basically YBR gets you “unstuck”.

How does YBR differ from foam rolling?

While both have their place in the therapy world, they both help to elongate the muscles and connective tissues to reduce pain later, the foam roller is made of a denser material, while the Yamuna® therapy balls are different sizes and densities (and can be filled with more/less air based on your preference). The Yamuna® balls will be less aggressive if you are nursing an injury. Your body will be able to relax more easily into the balls. This allows your nervous system to relax. Because of the various sizes of the balls you can target areas the foam roller can’t reach ie: joint spaces etc. Yamuna® therapy begins on the bone then the ball moves from the attachment point of the muscle toward its insertion point. Depending on the ball used, you can make this gentle or a little more aggressive. Meaning you can do this work if you are suffering from fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis or if you are a performance athlete. This is beneficial to everyone.

How frequently can I body roll?

YBR can be done anytime, all the time. After one session of rolling, your body will show some immediate results. However, if you don’t continue to roll on a regular basis, then your body will find that comfortable space it’s been hanging out in over the years. The idea is to retrain the body and build new muscle memory with this new space and freedom.

Do I have to do the entire sequence everytime I roll?

I hold hour long classes with a particular body area in mind. But I tell people, if there were one or two exercises that they felt had more impact to do those for several days in a row and feel the difference. I provide you with the guidance and you can take it from there. You can also move along the area as fast or as slow as you need.

When is the best time to do YBR?

Anytime! It’s great BEFORE a workout because you create space in the body and then you build strength in that newly created space. It’s great AFTER a workout to prevent soreness. It’s great DURING THE DAY to relieve stress and tension. And, it’s great BEFORE BED or even in bed and just move the balls manually, allowing the body to relax into them promoting less tension for more restful sleep.

What are the long term effects of Yamuna® rolling therapy?

YBR not only protects the body from injuries but it even promotes healing. It can reduce pain, realign and strengthen the body, and improve flexibility and posture. This leads to a more active lifestyle so that you can live young longer!

The results are immediate! Below are the before and afters of just one YBR session!

BEFORE >>>>>

AFTER >>>>>

YBR B_A 3.jpeg
YBR B_A 1.jpeg
YBR B_A 2.jpeg
I strongly recommend having a one on one or group session with Tracey Dubois for Yamuna Body Rolling. This winter, I met with Tracey for four private sessions. Each session targeted different areas of my body where I experienced tightness and/or discomfort. I found Tracey to be passionate, experienced and very knowledgeable of Yamuna Body Rolling techniques. She is very patient and spent extra time listening to my concerns to create an individualized program that included instructions for home use. I am now able to perform Yamuna Body Rolling on my own and it has greatly improved my mobility and physical well being." - Cheryl L.
“I ruptured both of my achilles years ago and lost a lot of dorsiflexion in my ankle and strength in my calf. Today was a better workout for both than I ever had in PT.”
Body sustainability through Yamuna body rolling, Yoga and Barre are just some of the tools Tracey uses to help her clients. I always walk out of classes and private sessions feeling more invigorated, alive and inspired. Plus you get homework assignments to continue the work at home. I had terrible sciatica pain in the winter of 2019 and finally found sustainable relief after taking a private lesson. Tracey is very knowledgeable and passionate in helping others find Natural Solutions to common health issues and I recommend to anyone who holds tension in their body. Give yourself this experience you won't be sorry!
“Thank you Tracey for sharing your gift of teaching YBR and inspiring me to develop a wellness routine. What a great way to start the week. My body and soul needed that! “- Stephanie W.
“YBR class was fantastic, totally needed that shoulder work. I am totally loving the benefits of Yamuna…my body is too!!!
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