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Gold - This ball is considered the beginner or basic ball, and is the starting point for people who want to explore YBR®. It has a softer edge and more give, while still supporting your body weight. This is the ball we recommend most for doing abdominal, chest and sideline work.

Pearl - The pearl ball has the same consistency as the gold ball but is smaller, so it sinks more deeply into your tissues for a more intense experience. It's also good for getting into small or tight areas like the neck, armpit, or between the breasts. Called the "YBR Anywhere" ball, it is great for all office and travel routines.

Black - The black balls are the smallest of all YBR balls, which also makes them great for travel. Great for getting into tight spots, and going up both sides of your spine.

Yamuna® Body Rolling Therapy Balls (set)

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