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Become a
FIT & FREE Member
for as little as $79


And you'll receive FREE Fit & Free Lifestyle Kit 
(*The kit alone is valued at over $99) 

The kit includes:  the Gold, Pearl and Black Yamuna® Therapy Balls, a pump, a resistant band, and a 40 oz. aluminum water bottle


Increasing longevity & lifespan

Join the thousands of people who are optimizing their health

Our Mission is to Extend YOUR Health Span!

By guiding you through nutrition & movement tools that can relieve pain, increase mobility, stability, strength & balance.

As we age our bodies and nutritional needs change. We start losing muscle mass, the aches and pains of a life well lived start coming back to haunt us and what we've done in the past to manage our weight no longer seems to work. It can be discouraging BUT you've come to the right place!












We are with you every step of the way! Consistency, commitment and just 45 minutes a few days per week and you will see and feel the difference in your body. You will increase your range of motion freeing up space in your body to build strength and endurance.


The FIT & FREE Lifestyle combines Yamuna® Therapy, Yoga and Functional Fitness for an overall fitness program and total body sustainability. Plus, Pearla, our Licensed Nutritionist will provide you with the map of nutrition so you can start feeling healthier!

Coaches Pearla Phillips

Tracey DuBois have joined forces
to create...

Yamuna® Body Rolling Therapy

Yamuna® Bodywork is a self-healing modality using therapy balls of various sizes and densities to create space in your joints, release tension, improve the health and quality of your bones, lengthen your muscles, tendons and tissues to improve your overall range of motion. Learn more...

Functional Fitness


Functional Fitness exercises include movements that increase longevity and lifespan! Body movements that simulate the 'functions' that we use on a daily basis to increase mobility, strength and balance.


These everyday movements are essential to to keeping an active lifestyle so we can continue pick up things off the floor (or your grandkids), get out of the car, lift the laundry basket! Learn more...

The Goal of the Fit & Free Lifestyle Program is:


  • To remove as may physical restrictions in your body

  • Build strength so that it can function as optimally as possible

  • Build flexibility and balance so you will feel young longer and continue enjoying the things you love to do.

It's Never Too Late To Start Your Journey!

*This woman to the right, after one session, commented she hadn't been able to lift her arms overhead in years!




The Benefits of Our Fit & Free Lifestyle Program:

  • You'll have the tools and guidance for body sustainability

  • It's fully virtual - no need to use your time for travel to a class

  • Join a LIVE group OR

  • Workout on your own time alone or with a group of friends for more fun and accountability

  • Easy to follow exercises with instructions for variations to meet your current needs

  • New exercises each month so you won't get bored!

  • Easy to follow meal plans

  • Access to us! Set up a CONSULTATION with us for a successful start to your program.1

The Why's of Our Program

Why do our exercises involve jumping?

Remember jump roping as a kid? Or playing hopscotch? How much joy we got out of playing these things when we were kids. Did you stop jumping at some point? There is a misconception that as we age we shouldn’t jump because we might get injured. On the contrary! Jumping actually strengthens our muscles and bones, improves our balance and  keeps us feeling young with a spring in our step (and not a shuffle). 


Regular physical exercise like jumping provides a healthy amount of stress and blood flow to your bones making them stronger. It promotes balance and coordination by improving our footwork and the coordination of our limbs. It gets our heart rates up improving our cardiovascular and respiratory health and leaves us feeling energized for the day!


Jumping, in fact, is so good for us as we age that it actually lowers injuries. By strengthening the calf muscles and improving the elasticity of surrounding tissues like tendons and ligaments there is a decreased the risk of lower limb injuries. Regular physical activities in general increase our longevity. We are better protected from common age-related symptoms like digestive problems, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke. 


Do you want to keep doing the things you love to do? Do you want to be able to get off your boat onto the dock? Do you want to keep playing tennis or pickle ball? Do you want to walk with a spring in your step and not shuffle? 


We have good news for you. Our amazing bodies DO have the ability to be trained or retrained so we can function more optimally. Jumping requires mobility in our joints, strength, balance and stability.


Our Fit & Free Lifestyle classes provide exercises that typically include a jumping exercise of some sort. Many variations are available so you can work up to jumping! 

Why do we alternate from a standing exercise to an exercise on the floor?

Getting down to the ground and effortlessly getting back up is a functional movement that is essential in our ability to keep an active and fulfilling lifestyle. This basic human movement skill ranks right up there with with walking, squatting, twisting and bending. Often times we stop doing things because they become more difficult. So many times, we’ve heard our clients say “we can’t do it”. Well, here’s the problem with that. As the saying goes, “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” Studies show that a person’s ability to get down and up from the ground effortlessly directly correlates with their life expectancy.


Do you want to keep doing the things you love to do? Or better yet, do you want to be able to get down on the floor to play with your grandkids? Do you want to keep gardening? Do you want to be able to reach for something under the bed? You get the picture.


We have good news for you. Our amazing bodies DO have the ability to be trained or retrained so we can function more optimally. Getting up off the ground requires mobility in our joints, strength, balance and stability.


Our Fit & Free Lifestyle classes provide exercises that require us to move from an exercise on the floor to a standing exercise. If you’re not there yet, we have variations you can do to work up to the full exercise.

Why do we roll before or after a workout?


Have you stopped working out because you are experiencing pain? So many people do! Pain is a significant problem in our society. It's estimated that up to 80% of adults experience persistent symptoms of pain at some point in their lives. 


Chronic pain has been linked to restricted mobility, opioid dependency, anxiety, depression, and reduced quality of life, and it contributes to an estimated $560 billion annually in direct medical costs, lost productivity, and disability programs in the United States. 


What if you could manage the symptoms of some common health issues without doctors visits and expensive prescriptions AND, what if you could do it naturally?


Our Fit & Free Lifestyle classes provide exercises that utilize the use of Yamuna® Therapy balls to release restrictions in your body. By using therapy balls of different sizes and densities, we teach you a self-massage technique to help you:

  • improve the healthy and quality of your bones

  • lengthen your muscles, tendons and tissues to create space in your body

  • improve your overall range of motion

  • And, relieve tension related pain


This added to your daily routine will get you back to an active lifestyle and have you feeling young longer!

In addition to your Fit & Free Lifestyle Kit that includes the Yamuna® Therapy Balls, a pump, a resistance band, the Instructionals and Workouts for the month and a 40 oz water bottle, you'll also receive....

  • A Personal Coaching Session to get you and/or your group off to a successful start!


  • FREE Live Classes for 2 Weeks

  • 7 Day Meal Plan plus the Recipes

  • Downloadable Natural Sleep Tips e-book

  • Downloadable Healthy Habits Tracker


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